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The "Rock-Solid" Formula for Launching and
Scaling Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

The Digital Age Where Technology Started to Dominate. It is already late for a few.
But You Can Still Take Advantage Of This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Learn Directly
From Bernard & His Dedicated Team approximately beginning a Digital Agency Business.

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Be the next success story. Pay heed to our students' testimonials
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What is Digital Agency Director?

The Digital Agency Director is a application evolved by means of an man or woman who has been assisting organization owners in establishing and increasing their corporations for numerous years. This direction is the end result of a 12 months-lengthy effort and covers all the necessary elements to initiate your agency. The number one aim behind developing the Digital Agency Director became to simplify and make it reachable for all people to start and expand their corporation. We hope to see you on the route!

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Are you thinking about starting your own Digital Marketing Agency?

Do you feel like you have got the abilities, and understanding to prevail in the enterprise? Well, before you are taking the plunge, you might want to keep in mind enrolling in a digital organisation Director course.

Why some of the Digital Marketing Agencies fail. What are the reasons?

You understand, does a digital advertising and marketing employer fail or is it very difficult? Can we take a plunge? Is it so hard whatever doing without knowing what you’re doing? It’s hard, you already know, so it could appearance simple, however you need to realize what you will do.

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Why do Digital Marketing Agency owners enroll in the digital agency Director Course?

If already an proprietor gives a virtual advertising organization, and also you already started an extended back all year strolling it, you should sign up on this. You can you will benefit a number of expertise. The motive is going for walks a virtual marketing organisation isn’t always so smooth.

What is Digital Agency Director?

You won’t find a program like this online – or even in an MBA program. The Digital Agency Director course distills hard-earned insights, frameworks, and systems from tech’s top digital agencies curated by Bernard G and delivers decades of career experience in just one course. From acquisition and retention to client psychology and habit formation, this program draws on real examples from category-defining individuals and companies to teach you how to solve difficult growth problems and drive results for any Digital Marketing or any Marketing Agency.

The Digital Agency Director Curriculum Is Divided Into Eight Phases, Each Covering a Critical Aspect of Running a Successful Agency


Getting the Basics Right

Let’s dive into the specifics. The Digital Agency Director will guide you in growing an initial point of contact to your commercial enterprise, whether you get hold of leads through referrals or by way of leaving digital breadcrumbs along your manner.

This will provide you with the warranty that you have a chosen starting point to your prospects, irrespective of the state of affairs or the target market you are addressing. You need not worry about owning any specialised technical capabilities, as your manual I will assist you each step of the manner.

Moreover, this initial factor of contact at the pinnacle of your income funnel will facilitate the initiation or in addition development of your e-mail list, it really is an extremely precious asset to your employer.

Digital Marketing Agency


The Right Framework for a Leader to Lead an Agency

Moving ahead, you’ll benefit information on how to produce a single academic content piece, so as to set up you as an professional and show off your wonderful technique to ability clients. In case you do not own a completely unique procedure currently, be concerned now not, as you will be taught the steps for creating one. The method is uncomplicated.

In addition, you may moreover discover ways to leverage this content piece to exhibit your manner as the ideal answer in your clients, supporting them transition from their cutting-edge nation to their preferred final results.

Digital Agency Director


Systems and Processes

Afterward, you will set up your utility or inquiry system, allowing you to display screen incoming leads and avoid losing time on people who aren’t a appropriate healthy.

Bear in mind that whilst a person may additionally require your understanding and also you own the abilties to useful resource them, it doesn’t suggest that you are obligated to accept them as a client. Not everyone is a perfect suit for your business.

You will installation your software technique and integrate it together with your calendar, allowing you to awaken to appointments with exceptionally certified leads who’re keen to speak about how you can assist them. Believe it or not, this isn’t always a fantastic belief. I wholeheartedly assure that this may revolutionize the way you perceive lead era and patron enchantment all the time.

Digital Marketing Agency


Conversions and Appointments

This software is designed to train you the capabilities had to find out new leads and stable appointments with capacity clients. The first step is to define your best customer and broaden a method to attain them effectively. Once you’ve got identified your target audience, you’ll learn numerous outreach strategies, which includes cold emailing, calling, messaging, LinkedIn outreach, UpWork, and automatic email campaigns.

Cold emailing involves sending a customized email to a potential purchaser, introducing your offerings, and supplying to assist clear up their commercial enterprise troubles. Cold calling is similar however involves attaining out to a prospect over the telephone. Messaging entails the use of social media platforms, including Facebook or Instagram, to hook up with prospects and provoke a verbal exchange. LinkedIn outreach is a powerful tool that permits you to discover ability clients, connect with them, and proportion applicable content material to construct credibility and believe.

Digital Marketing Agency



This module is targeted on coaching you the most crucial detail of business enterprise increase – income. In order to grow your company, you want so one can correctly parry objections and near offers. You will analyze treasured strategies and strategies to help you conquer objections and build trust with ability clients.

One of the key factors of this module is getting to know one-and–call-close scripts, which are established methods for quick closing offers with capability clients. You can even examine the paid trial methodology, which includes presenting a paid trial of your services to ability clients to demonstrate your price and construct accept as true with.

In addition to those strategies, you’ll gain get entry to to a vault of actual-life sales breakdowns. This will permit you to see how successful business enterprise proprietors have triumph over objections and closed offers in real-life scenarios. You will analyze from their successes and failures, supplying you with a valuable attitude on what works and what does not within the world of sales.

Digital Agency Director


Offers and Solutions

This module, developed by using skilled overall performance entrepreneurs and media buyers, is the maximum complete manual available on lead technology techniques. It covers the whole lot from simple techniques for nearby groups to complicated processes for acquiring excessive-value “whale” clients.

Whether you are simply beginning out in the world of lead era or trying to take your talents to the following level, this module has some thing to provide. With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind it, you may consider that the techniques and techniques taught in this module are attempted and examined, and were used effectively via overall performance entrepreneurs and media consumers.

Digital Agency Director


Operational Supremacy

This module gives in-depth insurance of operational supremacy, permitting you to learn helpful hints and strategies from Bernard’s advertising and marketing enterprise. By analyzing this module, you will gain a deep information of a way to optimize your business operations, from locating the best contractors to maximizing sales and income.

One of the key advantages of this module is that it teaches you how to refine your commercial enterprise version to make sure that you are operating at maximum performance. You’ll learn how to identify areas in which you may streamline your techniques, lessen charges, and improve typical performance.

Digital Marketing Agency



This application goes above and beyond to offer you with comprehensive education and ongoing support that will help you achieve your enterprise goals. One of the most exciting components of this program is the specific bonus modules which can be supplied to members. These modules are frequently up to date with relevant content on a wide range of topics, making sure that you constantly have get admission to to the cutting-edge insights and strategies.  In addition to the everyday updates, those bonus modules also characteristic content from bonus audio system, supplying you with access to extra views and expertise. These speakers are specialists of their fields and have a wealth of know-how and enjoy to percentage with you.

Some of the subjects blanketed in these bonus modules might also include superior advertising and marketing strategies, rising enterprise trends, and new technology that assist you to stay beforehand of the curve. By staying updated with the today’s information and techniques, you may be better equipped to make knowledgeable decisions and force increase and profitability for your enterprise. 

Overall, the distinctive bonus modules are a precious addition to this program, presenting you with ongoing guide and assets that will help you be triumphant. Whether you are simply beginning out or looking to take your commercial enterprise to the subsequent degree, these modules are an extraordinary manner to live informed, stay stimulated, and live beforehand of the opposition.

Digital Marketing Agency

You Have Full and Immediate Access to The Following
when You Join Digital Agency Director:

1. Digital Agency Director Core Curriculum

A comprehensive, step-by-step schooling software lasting extra than 50 hours became provided. This method is practically plug-and-play, and there are lots of fulfillment testimonies to support it. Everything is protected in this direction for you, including signing clients, walking Facebook advertisements, starting off your team, onboarding clients, billing, and income.

Digital Agency Director

2. An Individualized E-Learning System for Business Owners

You will get hold of on the spot get admission to to the first specialised e-gaining knowledge of platform created through organisation owners for corporation proprietors. You may really access the program modules, loose assets, Q&A recordings, approaching Q&As, leaderboards, and more the use of this platform.

Digital Marketing Agency

3. Private Community of Agency Owners Exclusively

You’ll be part of a actual on line network created via company owners for organisation proprietors, one which has hundreds of real corporation proprietors and is free of self-promotional postings, ads, and different glaring content material. In reality price. Network with other organisation owners even as sharing your successes and getting your questions spoke back.

Digital Agency Director

4. Comprehensive Financial Tools and Calculators

Your profile comes with all the specific gear you need to thrive in your business, like a financial planner, revenue calculator, outreach tracker, breakeven calculator, and more. All of those had been created by my group for utilization inside my personal organization.

Digital Agency Director

5. Customizable Website Templates, Funnels, and Ads

Say good-bye to the concern of splurging heaps of dollars and limitless hours on internet site construction. Get equipped for the magic of tailored internet site templates that look ahead to your business enterprise’s discovery, at the side of consumer-specific income-to-funnel templates nestled within the realm of Digital Agency Director. Embrace the simplicity of copying, pasting, and tweaking, reworking the numbers to match the specific essence of your organization. It’s time to go away pressure behind and step right into a realm of performance and creativity!

Digital Marketing Agency

6. Robust Collection of Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, and Agreements

Use these sample contracts, agreements, and sales scripts along with your clients. This screenplay has been stepped forward via a couple of meetings and the non-public advent of more than $2 hundred,000 in revenue. This script will nearly sincerely make certain that EVERYONE who may be closed… WILL be closed.

Digital Agency Director

7. Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Expert Coaches

You’ll participate in an hour-and-a-half of call with Digital Agency Director coaches and problem rely experts every Tuesday. You can get your questions responded through a consultant in every subject in the community, which are presented by way of various professionals that work at Digital Agency Director, IAG Media, and companion businesses.

Digital Marketing Agency

Systems, Procedures, and Proven Systems to Streamline Every Aspect of Your Agency

  • Beginning Your Business

  • Locating Leads

  • Signing Customers

  • Generating Income

  • Client Onboarding Service Delivery

  • Contracting Out Work to Independent Contractors

  • Taking Charge of Client Communication

  • Client Feedback

  • Service Delivery

  • Beginning Your Business

  • Locating Leads

  • Signing Customers

  • Generating Income

  • Client Onboarding Service Delivery

  • Contracting Out Work to Independent Contractors

  • Taking Charge of Client Communication

  • Client Feedback

  • Service Delivery

What you'll Learn

  • Checklist to start a successful Digital Marketing Agency

  • How to Promote Your Digital Marketing Agency on Instagram

  • How to Promote Your Digital Marketing Agency on LinkedIn?

  • Starting your Digital Marketing Agency!

  • Accounting Department of a Digital Marketing Agency

  • What are the reports and formats the Digital Marketing Agency needs?

  • How to do your company's Website on WordPress

  • Brand Strategy for Digital Marketing Companies

  • How to take your business to the next level using Porter's 5 Forces Model

What We've Done For Our Students

Active Students
Figure Earners
Jobs Quit
Digital Agency Director

Learn From Someone Who Actually Runs An Agency

Iman Gadzhi is the proud owner of IAG Media, a multiple six-figure a year agency for e-commerce and infoproducts. IAG Media has helped clients such as Oura Ring, Kevin Rose, IKNK, AJ&Smart – besides being a Preferred Facebook Agency partner.

Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency From Zero

Enroll as Digital Agency Director and develop the skills to create and grow your own social media marketing agency to 6-figs.


Only $ 500.00

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What Changed After They Went Through
Digital Agency Director

Get to know the story of regular people, just like me and, who created their own
agencies from scratch, or transformed their existing ones.

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The Ways and Mindset to Become a Successful Leader

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Why is this Digital Agency Director Course Outstanding

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Digital Marketing Business Ownership

Download Your Free Guide - Start Your Own Digital Marketing Business in 2024

    Find the answers to Your Queries!

    The most frequent inquiries about Digital Agency Director are addressed below.

    We cover all aspects of launching your own business, from registration to taxes and accounting, not simply digital marketing and advertising.

    Every facet of client acquisition is covered by Digital Agency Director, including choosing the kinds of companies you want to deal with, locating them, obtaining their contact information, outreach, sales, and more. Discover the approach of outreach that works best for you. We cover cold calling, cold emailing, and outreach on LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

    We have worked with hundreds of dejected agency owners, many of whom have never been able to sign a customer and others who have become overworked and dependent on their company.

    You can break poor behaviors and learn the proper method to find and sign clients with the aid of the Digital Agency Director.

    Even if you've never looked inside an ads manager before, you'll rapidly become an expert because we spend hours discussing media buying and advertising strategy in agonizing detail for customers.

    You'll be able to get live support from advertisers with years of expertise on the weekly group calls in addition to videos and written guidance.

    A human support team and a 100% money-back guarantee are provided for each Digital Agency Director course. Send an email to if you're unhappy with Digital Agency Director; if your purchase was made within the previous 14 days, you'll receive a 100% refund. There are no questions. not a thing to lose.

    For complete newcomers, intermediate agency owners, specialists in digital marketing, business owners, and more.

    Absolutely. This training has been designed to be equally valuable for agency owners with expertise and accessible to newbies.

    We take great pride in being able to provide continuous assistance via weekly Live Q&A Support calls, as well as through a committed community coach and support team.

    If you want to claim this as an expense with your employer or through your business, we are pleased to issue a business invoice.

    There is always a risk when you spend the time and money to work with a coach. Right? What if it is unsuccessful? What if it doesn't live up to his claims? Thus, let's examine the ideal and worst-case scenarios:  Best Case: You develop a top-notch agency during the next 60 days. You receive leads. You affix clientele. You increase recurring revenue by $10,000 per month. You gain new abilities, and a great deal of confidence, and the systems we put in place allow you to continue developing each month. The best scenario is that.

    What about the worst-case scenario?

    Worst Case: It might not work. Maybe you decide after a few weeks that it's not for you. Maybe perhaps the information is incorrect, or perhaps you leaped too soon. So long as you notify me within the first 14 days, I'll give you a full refund of your money.

    All of the materials we have discussed are yours to keep. You'll be more intelligent while maintaining your skill set. Yet you won't be required to pay anything for it.

    Hence, there is no risk in trying it out and getting started, is there?

    Digital Agency Director

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